This article will shed light on a phenomenon which is marveling at the web: the hologram of the whale played inside a gym.

The news that is turning on the web shows conceptual and technical errors. It says that the principal of an educational establishment have rallied all of his students to bring them a breathtaking experience: see with the naked eye the hologram of a whale rising from the floor of the gym.

The viral message reads: "3D holographic projection of a whale. It is a photographic process that produces images using the differences between 2 lasers. These images are projected into a school gym using a special camera. There is no water in the room, let alone a whale."

Unfortunately, this description is a list of different technologies, assembled in a completely random way, to explain something meaningless. Certainly technology, and especially augmented reality, is constantly progressing and we will soon see certain shows, but it is still early.

The video in question is nothing more than a proof of concept made in 2016 from Magic Leap, start-up that aims to great advancements in virtual reality. With proof of concept means the incomplete synopsis of a project, which shows the final effect you want to achieve. Is not the finished product.

At the time, on the site of Magic Leap, it was stated that only wearing a visor would have been a realistic effect. As we can see from the video, students do not wear any kind of glasses, superfluous to emphasize the discrepancy between theoretical explanation and filmed.

We are sure that Magic Leap will early in the result shown in the advertisement, and certainly no fool the contrast to the creator of this video, that we cut and paste different bits of commercials to create confusion.

The holographic projection that we propose in Global Infotech is a three-dimensional processing of an image or video, which doesn't really requires the use of special glasses. The subject seems to float in the air thanks to the transparency of the medium on which is projected: can be a transparent film, to be applied on screens and Windows, or a panel of plexiglass worked in laser, depending on your needs.

E’ una tecnica che permette di ottenere un effetto “wow” che saremo lieti di farvi vivere, ma per favore non chiedeteci la balena olografica!

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