Imagine a rotating advertisement that floats above our heads during concerts, events or matches, showing your product with a holographic effect.

Now, this will be possible thanks to the new drone with display presented by NTT Data.

The display consists of a system of LED strips, rotating, gives shape to 3D images. Designed for use in advertising, the drone will display advertising and creative drawing holograms in the sky.

The designers have managed to get this visual effect, by mounting the drone of a rotor consisting of 8 thin led strips. When the rotor will rotate at high speed, the lights come on coordinately, without interfering with the flight of drone and the related air flows, forming three dimensional images, similar to holograms.

The spherical drone can be programmed to provide information at an event, broadcast advertising, or be embedded directly in the event. Replacing those banners towed by planes of the past, a sky full of advertising could be the future of spherical advertising technology.

Currently not available for sale, spherical drone is small, lightweight and extremely maneuverable, making it a perfect complement for marketing and advertising. You can, for example, send a drone directly at the door of those who have expressed interest in your new product, to presentargliene the features and details.

The Disney theme parks, in fact, remained fascinated by this new technology, so as to be willing to sell this type of drone videos in shows and parks to inform about events and as real parts of the shows themselves.

The bright color and the extreme manoeuvrability of drone allowed him to become an outstanding addition for concerts, shows and sporting events. Advertisers are no longer limited to quickly display style Billboard that tire the public.

We will wait impatiently for the spherical drone designed to transmit messages in a whole new way.