The Digital Siren: Neapolitan culture in the form of a hologram at MANN

The National Archaeological Museum of Naples hosts from October 23rd the Digital Siren project, a holographic prototype of an interactive artist, which aims to enhance and promote the Neapolitan cultural, artistic and musical heritage.

It is an exhibition case that virtually recreates the image of a 3D mermaid that reproduces musical tracks such as "Malafemmena" and "Reginella" in different versions and languages. The holographic box, recreating within it the projection of virtual animation, can be of strong visual and emotional impact.

For contingent reasons, it is currently not possible to go to MANN and watch live this combination of tradition and innovation. However, the official Digital Siren app is available to listen to and see the hologram interpret the repertoire of the neapolitan classical song in multilingual versions.

We wanted to share this news because technology once again proves resilient and sustainable. It is an example of how the graphics and illusory technique of "pepper's ghost" can support cultural promotion and tourism even in these times of change. Digitalization and interactivity in support of the use of cultural, artistic and musical heritage.

The project was promoted by the Department of Social Sciences of the University of Naples Federico II and the Institute of Calculation and High Performance Networks of ICAR CNR, in collaboration with the Academy of Fine Arts of Naples, the RAI Studies Production Center in Naples and the Archaeological Museum of Naples, as part of the Remiam Project – High Multimedia Intelligent Museums Networks of the Databenc – High-Tech District for Cultural Heritage funded by the Campania Region.