If you're wondering, we're not talking about the latest technological invention of an episode of "Black Mirror". However, this new mirror smart represents an interesting innovation in the world beauty and has many similarities with the futuristic reality (not so far) series of Netflix.

HiMirror will be launched in January 2019 and at a price also quite affordable: $189 (approx 178 euros). This is a 14 inch LCD interactive mirror weighing 2.5 kg and is equipped with a high resolution camera that analyzes users ' skin. As would a personal consultant, recommend treatment and measures to improve the appearance of the skin. Thanks to a daily photography is able to point out the dark circles caused by the small hours of the night before, the pimples from pre-cycle, sunspots, wrinkles and signs of aging.

HiMirror, then, suggests when and how improve skin imperfections of the subject with an accurate analysis and personalized.
Thanks to a constant daily monitoring of weather changes, is able to give expert opinions worthy of an observer (for example indicates whether you should get more sleep or drink more water) and helps not only to heal, but also to prevent skin blemishes.
In addition, the privacy and security of customer is safe: the device has a voice and facial recognition system that allows you to store all information and private dialogue with his or her "beautician". The service can be used by six simultaneous users with a personal profile. A motion sensor at the bottom of the product imparts various commands.

Smart mirror will be produced in two versions, Lite and Pro, both interactive. This new technological solution in camp beauty tech will be distributed in physical stores and could, in a world dominated by online shopping, bring people back to the stores.

"Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the fairest of them all?" Finally, snow white will no longer be the only one to get an answer!