Global Infotech works since 2004 as technical consultancy related to the technologies present in the industrial production chain. Is part of a group that has been in business since 1989 and that includes businesses Ellegi Electron and Global Trade.

Our company was born from the need to upgrade the technical skills and expertise in relation to technological innovation: first in the field of industry and subsequently in communication, specializing as well in the development and providing innovative solutions for interactive communication and holographic.

It is a sector in continuous development: from the first touch of human support for programming machine, process control systems, to the interconnected portability (multiscreen technologies, interactive solutions, augmented reality ... ).

The birth and the subsequent integration of new technologies is contributing to the evolution of the models of communication and marketing activities.

Therefore new opportunities emerge for interaction and communication with the public: the User Experience is confirmed to be a key element, which contributes to an innovative and complete enjoyment of the event.

For this reason, Global Infotech is proud to be working with TODAYS Festival, with which it shares the desire to dare, to look to the future and make active and visionary our city: Turin.

Global Infotech will collaborate in the production of TODAYS, presenting three of its main products:

– the Virtual Hostess, will welcome participants in the press conference and will welcome the visitors of the Festival;

– iFloor, through which users will be informed about the program of the event and, at the same time, involved in some sort of dynamic experience;

– the projections, that will liven up the outside of the Festival giving you a preview of what you can experience by participating in TODAYS Festival.

TODAYS and Global Infotech together to create innovation.


Showroom: Strada Basse di Dora 38-10146 Torino