Well no, unfortunately or fortunately, not everyone does, but Nike, Sony or Nestlè are proof that it works!

Marketing requires innovation and creativity. It must be an evolving industry that can create engagement.
Of course, you will say, this is the basis of marketing! And that's right, obvious, but fundamental.
The challenge is to continue to amaze the customer with new techniques and cutting-edge methods, creating real sensory experiences.
In addition to the now usual functions of social networks or gamification, have you ever thought about the visual technique of hologram? Innovative, futuristic, versatile, but above all of great impact.

The creation of three-dimensional images floating in a vacuum manages to involve the user. By stunning it first and then curious it, it manages to show the peculiarities of a given product.

Advertising travels connected to digital, the available technologies are increasingly advanced and their proper use can generate "sci-emerging" experiences: just think of virtual reality, augmented reality, or simpler holographic projectors.

Imagine now having to enter a big supermarket. Tired only of the idea of turning between the long lanes all the same, dazzled in reading product labels that replace the usual old detergent... when suddenly, images appear moving in a vacuum. Images of products that have just entered the market that, floating, guide you in shopping for a perfect shopping.
"Are we in the future?" you will think, but the answer is no, because in the present all this is possible.

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