If I were a politician, if you were candidate in the presidential election of the third largest democracy in the world, if I had to face a very intense election campaign, because your goal is to be able to reach 190 million of voters before the election of 17 April ... What would you do?

Despite being a mission impossible, the President of Indonesia Joko Widodo was unable to find a solution. This very week in fact launched a high-tech campaign to be present at all propaganda activities.

A Widodo in casual clothes, but especially in holographic version, will hold rallies in the Eastern and central provinces of West Java, popolatissime; Meanwhile, a flesh-and-blood Widodo will participate in several events in other parts of the country.

The Indonesian leader, however, is not the first politician to have sensed the potential of holographic technology. In Turkey, for example, the hologram of Prime Minister Erdogan has stunned supporters, thus distracting them for that time corruption scandal in which he was involved; before him, the Indian Narendra Modi used his campaign 26 holograms, considered safe if there is a risk of disputes gimmicks or attacks; not to mention the holographic sight Cricket against cricket.

The tactic of "Two is better than one '" will be also effective for Joko Widodo? We'll find out in a month.