ARTICLE worldOlographicThe pioneers live in Paris, where an underwear store left passers-by gasping for display a woman in lingerie. It appears and disappears in a starry sky, parades and shows itself in all its beauty... as only a hologram can do! The store brought its new way of communicating to the Coachella Festival in the United States receiving great hype.

Just go to ExpoMilan 2015 to rediscover the history of Italy and talk to those who wrote history in his works. "Can't understand the passion of those who haven't tried it" – he wrote Dante AlighieriOur passion for communication has brought us into the world of holograms: where anything is possible!

Always at the Coachella Festivalin California he returns to sing the Rap Tupac, who died with five gunshots in 1996, after his death he remained alive thanks to the hologram that sings his 10 books published after his death.

Nothing is impossible, even your showcase can be futuristic... with us!