Well yes even BIRAGHI in a touch showcase!

The touch showcase is fine with all sectors, even the food sector... like the famous and historic company Biraghi S.p.A.
We are fond of the Biraghi S.p.A. brand, not only because it is Piedmont as we do, but because it combines tradition and culinary culture with the future, interactivity and technology.
For the new opening of the store in Piazza San Carlo (the living room of the City of Turin, with the twin Churches and the monument to Emanuele Filiberto of Savoy) they chose the delicate style of the furniture and the touch showcase.

The front of the shop, with eleven windows and two entrance doors have been renovated according to the directives of the Superintendent of Fine Arts in Turin.
In addition to Biraghi products there will be products from Piedmontese, Valdostane companies and a selection of Sardinian products.

In fact, Biraghi has activated the Pecorino Etico Solidale project with Coldiretti Sardinia as early as 2017.

The touch showcase is accessible to all passers-by, and makes a dip in the "cinema" of ZOOTROPIO (the wheel of life, optical device to display images, drawings, in motion, invented by William George Horner in 1834).
The ZOOTROPIO in the showcase 7 tells the production process of the Biraghini.

The touch showcase available during the opening hours of the store allows you to request the video of zooTROPIO, following the entry of the phone number, and with the consent of privacy.

Welcome to the magical world where past and future meet, while enjoying the culinary delicacies of Biraghi do not be afraid to "touch" the history of Cinema.

For everything else, keep in touch with Global Infotech!