After Tupac, Michael Jackson, Frank Zappa, Amy Winehouse, Ronnie James Dio ... also comes the turn of Whitney Houston.

The hologram of the Queen of soul pop will star in a tour with support from the original band and back-up singers, including his brother Gary.

The project, the result of an agreement between the heirs of Houston and Primary Wave (company specializing in marketing to classic), aims to bring to light the commercial potential of the singer. Before the family refused every offer to market the success of Whitney Houston, rejected the proposal of a Duet between his hologram and Christina Aguilera in 2016. "Before she died, there's been too much negativity around its name. No more talk of music, personal scandals had obscured the legacy and people have forgotten how big was "revealed to the New York Times Pat Houston, for years the singer's manager," it's a matter of timing. For the last seven years was difficult. Now is the hour be strategic. "

In addition to the holographic tour, in fact, are planning a Broadway musical, a show in Vegas style and an album of unreleased tracks, whose rights are still held by Sony.

According to the agreement, Primary Wave will acquire 50 percent of the asset by the heirs including copyrights of films and music and the right to use the name and image.

We just have to wait for the return of Whitney.