This year Global Infotech is present at SPS IPC Drives Italy.

Exhibitors Comelec srl and Kobold Instruments have chosen our interactive technologies to impress visitors to the fair of Parma.

We managed to communicate the story of Comelec, all its products and services, from design to deployment, with only one solution: touch monitor with custom software to meet every possible demand for information of visitors. To better support Comelec in running the stand and visitors, we decided to add an extra large screen to provide continuous support.

The Olobox, however, turned out to be perfect for exhibit prototyping Comelec or products that are too large to be shown at the fair. Holographic as well as recreate virtually the casket objects, enables you to make them interact with physical products placed inside the box. You will be able to distinguish reality from virtuality? Popularity from stand Comelec to find out!

Last, but not least, is the Virtual Hostess. Now permanent fixture at booth Kobold, our Virtual Assistant continues to attract passersby with just one look. Always prepared and perfect, the Virtual Hostess is able to inform you about all the news that Kobold led to SPS 2019. Don't be afraid to ask, is never unprepared!