We dedicate this article to the hooligan of fashion, such an eccentric and melancholy at the same time, but definitely brilliant in every being.

Alexander McQueen, elected four times great British designer, on 17 March this year would have turned 50 years old. His fashion shows were the most anticipated show of each season, for moments of theater and spectacle. "I don't want to think about any form, references. Neither photos nor paintings that can serve as inspiration. I want to create the new "[McQ].

The new manages to represent him in every dèfilè, combining craftsmanship, technology and theater. Specimen was the Alexander McQueen fashion show for Paris Fashion Week in March 2006. In that year, on the front page of the Daily Mirror, was published a photo depicting Kate Moss and her boyfriend, Pete Doherty, snorting cocaine. This episode led to the abandonment of the model on the part of the fashion industry. The British designer was the only one not wanting to give up in the presence of top model, use a hologram as fall/winter fashion show finale. The "ghost" of Kate Moss emerged from a cloud of smoke, whirling and dancing into the void covered by white cloth strips, becoming gradually smaller until risparire in the cloud. Making use of the so-called Pepper & #8217; s Ghost, McQueen allowed the model to participate, at least virtually, at her fashion show and made it again the protagonist.

Pioneer of holographic projection in the fashion world, Alexander Mc Queen won, on that occasion, the involvement and the amazement of the audience. And it is precisely on her daring choices and revolutionary who applied his genius, hurling provocative messages through fashion, the vision and creativity.