March 2018

Virtual Museum ... why not?

Virtual museums are spreading more and more, new technologies allow us to visit, advise and inform us about our country's Heritage. Important is the will not replace museums, rich in history and charm, but to create information. The Italian cultural heritage is vast and valuable: valorizziamolo, we increase his knowledge. A [...]

A "pokerata" with Stephen Hawking

As of today, 14 March 2018 we will remember him as the day we left the 21st century physicist, mathematician and cosmologist: Stephen Hawking. In the life of the great scientist, the hologram has been quite considerable, ranging from science to movies, from the black hole to Star Trek. And it's just remembering an episode of [...]

Virtual reality enters prison.

Ormai lo smartphone è considerabile una nostra estensione, i social network sono i nostri mezzi di comunicazione e il nostro è un mondo sempre più virtuale. Tutto questo è, appunto per noi, normalità. Per noi, noi che viviamo questo mondo. Ma per coloro che questo mondo non lo abitano? Magari perché sono stati condannati ad [...]